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I trained under Mr. Bill Packer and have continued my studies of the martial arts under Mr. Davis. I believe that he is one of the great martial artists today. The depth of his knowledge of the arts themselves, their history and development is head and shoulders above any one else I have met in AKKA and other disciplines. His personal integrity, as well as that of his family and staff, make it a true honor to be associated with Mr. Davis and AKKA Karate USA. I hope to continue my training there until I am able no more.

(Chris F., 2,214 days ago)

totally awesome! everyone is so awesome! i love the awesome environment! everyone is so awesomely friendly! it's just so awesome! i cant put how awesome this awsome karate school is. thank you awesome teachers!

(Anonymous, 2,334 days ago)

I trained under Bruce Davis from 2007- till June of 2008, He is an amazing instructor of AKKA Karate. His knowledge of the Mind and Body is beyond anyone I know. Like the saying says I like it, I love it, I want some more of it, make it hurt Mr. Packer. Which Davis is just like Packer. He will make you want more and more. Will Warren 1st Degree Black Belt AKKA

(Anonymous, 2,500 days ago)

I started for my kids - they love it - but I continue for myself. It's a great way to spend quality time with your family and enjoy the camaraderie of really great people. Plus it's a fun workout at your own pace.

(Damian B., 2,576 days ago)

makes me fill like I have a home, family. Place I can go when I have a bad day. Keepes me sane…

(Anonymous, 2,598 days ago)

makes me fill like i have a home and a family. place i can go when i have a bad day.

(Anonymous, 2,598 days ago)

saved and changed my life for the best

(Anonymous, 2,602 days ago)

Not only is the support and teachings from the instructors incredible but its a family...they are genuine and absolutely care

(Anonymous, 2,612 days ago)

When I first came to AKKA Mr. McDaniel asked me if I had come for any particular reason, and I said no because I didn't have a reason. But after a while, I realized I did have a reason, and it is to lead a more calm life. Karate helped me get my mind off things such as stress, anxiety,and school. Here I learned confidence, and I continue to grow every time I go. And I get strong every day I go so thank you Mr. McDaniel for helping me become better.

(Samuel V., 538 days ago)

(Seth G., 1,635 days ago)

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