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Bruce Davis was a great person and adult figure I ever had and instructor ! Akka team USA was a great crew to study with. I believe in all the core values and recommend to every one big, small, old and young!!! Honesty in the heart, knodglege in the mind and strength in body! N

(Eliseo O., 1,188 days ago)

I highly recommend AKKA! It is an excellent place for both children and adults to train. Instructors are professional, knowledgeable and friendly. You will get a good cardio work-out, strength building exercises and karate practice in every class. Everyone is like family. - Ruth Axness-Allen 1st Degree Black Belt

(Ruth A., 1,298 days ago)

Watching your child slowly develop respect, confidence, discipline, good effort, hard work, self-esteem during class - amazing. Watching Mr. Davis and Mr. Wilson form strong relationships with all students, showing that they care about each of them - while remaining a child at heart - priceless.

(Anonymous, 1,384 days ago)


(Anonymous, 1,396 days ago)

The place that made my life better, gave me challenges that i set to myself with the guidance of very knowledgeable people such as Bruce Davis, Alex Wilson, and all of the instructors who devote their time and talent to making better people. i thank them with all of my heart.

(Devon C., 1,832 days ago)

i do it during the summer at academy and im in 7th grade and my mom and dad wont let me do it during the school year just because my grades were bad!!!!!! Christina

(Christina G., 1,936 days ago)

We enrolled our son a few months ago and have been so pleased with everything about AKKA. The commitment and professionalism are amazing, as well as how well they curtail their program to match a 6 y/o. We had tried a few other places and we immediatly saw a difference in AKKA and how they conduct themselves. We would highly recommend anyone to try out AKKA if they have any interest in martial arts and come see for yourself !

(Anonymous, 2,036 days ago)

I miss this so mush I might come back!!!.......

(Anonymous, 2,225 days ago)

Mr. Davis, I'm emailing because I wanted to tell you that all the time I ever spent with you has made an impact on my life that I originally (at the time) did not fully appreciate. Your attitude toward life, character, and personal happiness is something I've found echoing in some (if not many) of my choices throughout life. Despite my naiveté and non-committal youth, your example was key in my desire for and development of a decisive attitude and character; alignment with my spirit (if you want to call it that).

(Anonymous, 2,289 days ago)

I trained under Mr. Bill Packer and have continued my studies of the martial arts under Mr. Davis. I believe that he is one of the great martial artists today. The depth of his knowledge of the arts themselves, their history and development is head and shoulders above any one else I have met in AKKA and other disciplines. His personal integrity, as well as that of his family and staff, make it a true honor to be associated with Mr. Davis and AKKA Karate USA. I hope to continue my training there until I am able no more.

(Chris F., 2,487 days ago)

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