"Teaching traditional values and confidence through self-defense"



 Kenpo or chuan-fa gung shou, dates back to ancient times in china. Through centuries of improvements it evolved through various styles and training methods there as well as in Japan. Both the Chinese influence of Professor Chow and the Japanese methods of James Mitose crossed paths in Hawaii and developed into a modern kenpo. There were several influences as well including Okazaki, Chojun Miyagi and others who contributed to its growth. Ed Parker was a student of the art and brought it with him when he moved to the mainland. Here he had the help of many to bring it to the American public. The most notable on our branch of the family tree was Tom Connor, and of course his most notable student Bill Packer. Mr. Packer founded Albuquerque Kenpo Karate Academies. Bruce Davis was one of his students since the seventies. Mr. Davis worked both for Mr. Packer and Mr. Connor as a Regional Director of schools. These schools were located in Kansas City, Denver, El Paso, Las Cruces and expanded into Tucson. Their vision was always to maintain the traditional martial art as the "core" and allow development based on the these methods to be a students own personal journey. Mr. Packer appointed leadership before his passing in 2005. He acknowledged Mr. Davis' contributions to the art by including them in kenpo's charted system. Many of these methods and contributions are still taught in various kenpo schools around the country.

Bruce W. Davis is a 7th Degree Black Belt, American Kenpo Karate Academy (AKKA) Director and Head instructor of AKKA, a regional chain of martial arts academies, located primarily in the southwest.



Mr. Davis had his first martial arts class at he young age of 4, has over 33 years experience in Kenpo Karate.  He has studied various martial arts including tai chi, judo, and kempo amongst others. Mr. Davis has been a martial arts scholar throughout his life.


  • Black Belt Hall of Fame, 1995

  • Black Belt of the Year, AKKA

  • Black Belt Competitor of the Year, AKKA

  • AKKA Manager of the year

  • Kenpo Head Coach for the Pan American Martial Arts Games 1996

  • Member of the Team USA 1996-2001

  • Nationally ranked in Forms Competition, 1981