AKKA is dedicated to each of our students reaching their fullest potential. Classes are fun, exciting, and yet challenging in different ways.  Kenpo Karate is self-defense skills, that over time will allow you automatic response to would be attackers. Our formal training exercises will build your confidence and your self-esteem. The conditioning part of our programs is self pacing, allowing any one to start and progress at their own rate.



September's pre-belt will be held at the dojo on Wednesday September 18. We will begin at 6:00pm

September Belt Test

09/20/2019 7:00pm - 9:00pm

We will hold our belt test on Friday September 20 at the Raymond G. Sanchez Community Center on 4th and Alameda. We will begin at 7:30. Come show your support!

Aki Matsuri


We are pleased that the NMJACL has asked us to return for another performance at their annual Fall Festival, Aki Matsuri. The event is on Sunday September 22. It will be held at the New Mexico Veteran's Memorial Park, 1100 Louisiana SE, near Gibson and Louisiana. We look forward to a great day of food, fun, and festivities. We will be performing a kenpo demonstration. Hope to see you there. For more info: www.nmjacl.org

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